Изложения в UAE за Енергия

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is on a dynamic path to reshape its energy industry and its big ambition is to ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services while substantially increasing the share of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. Despite building its wealth on oil and natural gas, the country understands that the overreliance on fossil fuels can only weaken the economy in the long run especially in the face of rising demand for energy. The UAE’s energy industry has been the focal point of its internal and external policies since the discovery of oil and gas over half a century ago. As the fifth-largest oil producer in OPEC, with an oil output of 2.79 million barrels per day in 2013 and a natural gas production of around 54.60 billion cubic meters, the UAE has played a pivotal role in the global hydrocarbon energy market. However, the rapid rise in population, economic expansion and climatic considerations have led to a higher demand for electricity and water, which has now prompted a shift in the UAE's energy strategy. It’s why renewable energy sources have gained popularity and now form the bulk of the country’s vision for its future. Recognizing the need to sustain progress while minimizing environmental impact, the UAE is diversifying its energy mix. Traditionally reliant on oil and gas, the nation is now integrating renewable energy sources and fostering international cooperation and resource conservation to build a more sustainable energy infrastructure. The country is focusing on solar and nuclear energy projects to complement its existing natural gas infrastructure. The development of local expertise in these technologies is crucial, as is fostering international cooperation to share knowledge and resources.

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