Изложения в UAE за Отбранителна промишленост

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has had a short, meteoric rise as a global leader in the defense industry and is now a primary partner for US exporters. The UAE has secured the 9th position as a global defense importer from 2016 to 2020, importing predominantly from the United States (64% of all imports). The CIA Factbook places the UAE at the 6th position worldwide in military expenditures as a percentage of GDP, allocating 5.6% to defense. In 2020 alone, the UAE invested a substantial $19.8 billion in defense. Previously, between 2010 and 2019, approximately 15-16% of the annual defense budget was dedicated to procurement from foreign suppliers, which reveals that UAE’s defense industry relies on global partnerships for advanced defense capabilities, though a sophisticated manufacturing landscape is quickly forming. The UAE Armed Forces, employed around 65,000 active personnel across various branches, are one of the biggest and best outfitted in the world. The Land Forces, Navy, Air Force, and Presidential Guard collectively contribute to the UAE's robust defense structure. Crucial to the UAE’s defense sector growth is substantial public investment in the EDGE Group, established in 2019. This entity consolidates over 25 organizations, including the Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC), Emirates Advanced Investments Group (EAIG) and Tawazun Holding. The EDGE Group, with an estimated revenue of $5 billion, operates across five verticals: platforms & systems, missiles & weapons, cyber defense, electronic warfare & intelligence, and mission support. Abu Dhabi takes center stage as a host to major defense events like IDEX (International Defense Exhibition) and NAVDEX (Naval Defense Exhibition). The 2023 edition of these shows witnessed an impressive turnout, attracting 130,000 visitors and featuring 1350 exhibitors, with 41 national pavilions. The UAE Armed Forces sealed 86 deals during the event, amounting to a staggering $6.36 billion—an increase from the $5.7 billion recorded in 2021.

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