Изложения в UAE за Химия

The chemical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors within the economy of the UAE and the nation has set its sights on becoming a global force within chemicals manufacturing. Of course, the biggest focus falls on petrochemical production, particularly in Abu Dhabi, and here the UAE emerges as a key player in the global chemical market. Abu Dhabi takes center stage in the UAE’s chemical industry, boasting a robust petrochemical sector fueled by direct access to feedstock. Key products like polyethylene, polypropylene, ammonia and urea fertilizer form the backbone of Abu Dhabi’s petrochemical output, driving economic growth and diversification. Beyond petrochemicals, the UAE's chemical industry offers a diverse range of products, including anticorrosion materials, paints, disinfectants, solvents, soaps, insecticides and inks. The diversified portfolio reflects the sector’s adaptability and responsiveness to market demands, domestically as well as globally. In recent years, UAE exports of chemical and petrochemical products have witnessed substantial growth, reaching a record high of AED 27 billion in 2018 – a remarkable increase of 29% from the previous year. This upward trajectory is indicative of the industry’s expanding footprint and rising global demand for UAE-made chemical products. The UAE’s chemical exports have made significant inroads into major global markets with key destinations including China, India, Egypt, and Pakistan among others. Polymers of ethylene and propylene, perfumes, toilet waters, and hair preparations are among the top export products. The UAE is clearly showing real diversity in building a solid product lineup that’s already earning the nation a substantial competitive edge. Looking ahead, the UAE aims to further strengthen its petrochemical capacity. Plans are already in motion to increase production to 14.4 million tons per annum by 2025. This ambitious expansion strategy reflects the country’s ambition to move into the top spot and the outlook appears more than positive.

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