Изложения в UAE за Хотелиерство

The hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) experienced robust growth in 2023, which is forecasted to continue well into 2024. Projections indicated the creation of nearly 7000 new jobs, which surpassed pre-pandemic levels. Current estimations place the total amount employed in travel and tourism at 758,000, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. To meet the escalating demand for skilled professionals, the leisure and hospitality sectors are actively recruiting talent from diverse industries. Entities such as Rotana, properties in Ras Al Khaimah, Burj Khalifa, Hilton, the Radisson group of hotels, alongside travel consultants, agencies, and leisure destinations, are spearheading recruitment drives as occupancy rates surge. With Dubai’s hotel sector alone anticipated to add 14,845 rooms in 2023, the demand for staffing is set to escalate further. Growth, however, is not without its challenges as the influx of new hotels presents sharpen competition for existing establishments. Manohar Roach, Cluster Director of Human Resources at IHG Hotels and Resorts, highlighted the competitive landscape. New hotels often offer more attractive packages to attract talent, posing challenges for existing hotels to compete. As the talent pool becomes diluted, existing hotels must either compromise on candidate criteria or invest extensively in training, particularly in high-impact roles like Sales and Marketing. Many companies still rely on traditional recruitment methods that hamper their ability to secure qualified candidates. Hospitality companies often fail to leverage platforms like LinkedIn to advertise vacancies and rely on university recruitment drives, which has proven to be suboptimal in the long run. As the UAE’s hospitality landscape evolves, industry players must embrace innovative recruitment strategies to remain competitive in talent acquisition. Leveraging digital platforms, fostering partnerships with educational institutions, and adopting agile recruitment practices are essential steps to attract and retain skilled professionals in a dynamic and rapidly growing sector.

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