Изложения в Spain за Часовници

Spain might not have the biggest share within the watchmaking industry in Europe. The country certainly falls behind Switzerland and Germany – the top two countries associated with clocks and timepieces of all kinds. Nevertheless, Spain’s watchmaking industry ticks right along supported by a healthy interest and a thriving ecosystem of watchmakers. Today, the Spanish watch market is amidst a renaissance fueled by mergers, acquisitions and an ever growing number of homegrown brands. The Spanish Watches market is poised for steady growth with projected revenues reaching $1.08 billion by 2024, marking an annual growth rate of 1.58%. Although dwarfed by the colossal figures in China, Spain’s per capita contribution to the market is noteworthy at $22.83 by 2024 with approximately 55% of sales attributed to Non-Luxury segments. Spain is home to over 90 watch brands, embodying a diverse spectrum of craftsmanship and design ethos. Many Spanish brands proudly manufacture their parts domestically, while others leverage global supply chains, including Asia and Switzerland, for assembly. The commercial expansion of Spanish companies has even seen them establish footholds in Swiss territory. For instance, one of the more noteworthy Spanish brands, Festina, began its life in 1902 as a Swiss brand, transitioning into Spanish ownership in 1984 under Miguel Rodríguez. The Festina Group encompasses brands like Lotus, Calypso, Candino, Jaguar and Regata, which has cemented the group’s status as an undisputed leader in the industry. What characterizes Festina’s timepieces? The brand’s collection is known for elegance as well as functionality. Festina offers mid-range chronographs that resonate with consumers across Europe and beyond. The brand prioritizes local production, which is located in production centers in Barcelona and Toledo. Its mission is to show off Spanish artistry and it’s exactly why Festina’s watches have found audiences in over 60 countries across all continents.

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