Изложения в Spain за Яхтинг

Spain capitalizes on its stunning coastline and fun culture by strengthening its yachting industry. The country is quickly turning into a sought-after destination for clients chartering large yachts. While the Balearic Islands, in particular, have long been favored by yacht enthusiasts, Spain still faces challenges in establishing itself as a leader in yachting tourism within the Mediterranean, but it has made moves to beat the competition. Although already appreciated, Spain often plays second fiddle to destinations like France’s Côte d'Azur and Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Emerging markets like the Adriatic coast are also gaining traction and drawing a significant portion of the market. The regulatory framework in Spain, compared to countries like France, has hindered its ability to compete effectively in the yachting tourism sector. Efforts to enhance Spain’s yachting tourism industry began in 2013 with significant regulatory reforms. The elimination of the maximum length requirement for exemption from the Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport (MT) opened new avenues for charter activity in Spain. Previously, the market for large yachts in Spain was virtually non-existent. Another pivotal change came with Circular 1/2014, allowing the chartering of non-EU flagged vessels for the first time. This brought Spain in line with competing EU countries like France and Italy. The subsequent adoption of similar regulations in other regions of Spain, including Barcelona, further facilitated charter activities. The Balearic Islands emerged as pioneers in fostering a favorable regulatory environment for charter activities. Decree 21/2017 regulated charter activities of pleasure boats and vessels, solidifying the islands' position as a preferred destination for large yacht charters. While progress has been made, Spain's yachting tourism market is still in its infancy. The recent regulatory reforms have laid the groundwork for future growth, signaling Spain's potential to emerge as a prominent player in the global yachting industry.

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