Изложения в Spain за Бижута

In Spain, the luxury jewelry market continues to generate stable revenue, which in 2024 is expected to reach $0.39 billion. While Spain’s revenue in the luxury jewelry sector is substantial, it pales in comparison to China, which has become the definitive leader of the pack with a projected revenue of $14,130 billion in 2024. Although not quite a world leader, this figure, nevertheless, proves that the jewelry industry in Spain can be a contender in the global jewelry arena. Projections indicate further growth with an annual rate of 2.47% anticipated between 2024 and 2028. Expansion is in the cards for the sector even against the backdrop of inflation. Spain’s per capita revenue of $8.28 in 2024 highlights the significance of jewelry consumption within the country. The Spanish jewelry sector encompasses both mid-range accessories and luxury items, catering to diverse consumer preferences. This positive evolution is not only reflected in economic terms but also in employment opportunities, contributing to the overall growth of the jewelry business sector. Fine jewelry remains a sought-after category with consumers drawn to unique and artisanal pieces that celebrate Spain’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, branded jewelry is gaining traction, particularly among younger customers who appreciate the association with reputable brands. Jewelry artists and designers have ample opportunities to showcase their creativity and establish their unique styles. In the global trade arena, Spain ranks as the 18th largest exporter of jewelry in 2022. Key export destinations include Switzerland, the United States, Mexico, France and Portugal – a diverse mix of markets, which reflects the country’s ability to tap into a variety of markets. On the import front, Spain ranks as the 23rd largest importer of jewelry, with France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Thailand being primary sources. Notably, France and Switzerland witnessed significant growth in exports to Spain between 2021 and 2022.

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