Изкуство и антики
18 Nov 2019



Art never stops its transformative dance and antiques never truly go out of style. The more our society reaches for technological perfection, the more it develops a taste for beauty and high aesthetics. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to do business in the art world and acquire only masterpieces by going through the event circuit. We’ve decided to help you out by curating just five among the biggest events this year around the world.

VIENNAFAIR 2016 Firmly positioned in the contemporary art movement, this fair focuses on new voices and approaches. You have the chance to rub elbows with famed art collectors as well as see the best selections from over 90 galleries and 600 artists. Kinesis has been chosen as a main discussion point among mediums.

ART BASEL 2016 Continuing its 40-year traditions, this fair acts as the platform for patrons of art to come in contact with renowned galleries from all over the world. You have a varied assortment on display from modern pieces to classics from the 20th century, all curated to give a strong viewpoint and aesthetic.

NUMISMATA BERLIN 2016 Head down to a specialist event unlike any other, where you have direct access to the entire history of currency. From primitive money and coins to the historic banknotes and shares, you gain a significant insight into how the world built its financial systems through displays of precious metals and assortment of stamps, postcards, letters and first-day postmarks.

MUTEC 2016 If you’re more involved in the museum and cultural exhibition sector, you’ll find innovative solutions and best practices here. The trade fair focuses on the needs of and the services for conservation, restoration and old building renovation. Inform yourself how modern technology can breathe new life into history.

WINTER OLYMPIA ART AND ANTIQUES FAIR 2016 Art critics and art lovers come to this exhibition when they want an in-depth introduction to art forms. You have fine art and classical art curated to your pleasure accompanied with informative lectures on subjects such as artists’ houses, interior design in 17th-20th centuries and art deco travel.

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