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Електроника, системи в реално време и вградени системи
25 окт 2017


The electronics industry currently enjoys a renaissance as technological advancements open a door to countless possibilities for improvement and radically changing human life. With the Internet of Things connecting appliances amongst each other, there is more opportunity for an ambitious company to make its mark. But! You have to be at the right place at the right time to wow your audience. It’s why it’s imperative to survey the current scene and remain one step ahead of your competition. This means attending the odd trade show or two.

Trade Fair Trips continues its support of business travelers, which is why we’ve created this brief showcase of exhibitions concerning the broader electronics industry. Take your product on the road and see whether one of the events below are a good fit.

INTEGRATED SYSTEMS EUROPE 2018 Electronic systems integration has been the go-to trend for the electronics industry and goal for future developments. It’s become so popular, over 12000 exhibitors are going to display their latest achievements in the field starting in early February. The location is Amsterdam, Netherlands and the audience numbers 73,000 trade visitors. The exhibition is also known for its extensive programming that features Audio Forum, Smart Building Conference and the InAVation Awards.

EMBEDDED WORLD 2018 Launching at the end of February in Nuremberg, Germany, this international exhibition ushers in the new era of embedded systems with concepts such as the Internet of Things, autonomous systems and embedded vision. Close to 1000 exhibitors are going to showcase and demonstrate the newest breakthroughs in hardware and software to an audience that spans 30,000 trade visitors. You can expect to be present for the future of the industry as the EMBEDDED WORLD Conference that currently holds the distinction of being the biggest of its kind.

Trade Fair Trips ltd is here to take your requests for accommodation for these two exhibitions and consult you on other events that might be a better fit. Our company works with clients of all sizes, so we have options and deals for every budget size. It takes us one telephone call to figure out the best course of action and one business day to send you our bespoke offers over email. Save yourself the stress and wasted hours researching your stay, when you have us!