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18 Nov 2019

A Glimpse into Paris’ Trade Fair Schedule

A Glimpse into Paris’ Trade Fair Schedule

Last week we launched our miniature tour through France, showcasing the destinations most attractive for industries and associations to host their biggest and most profitable events. It’s time to go on our trip, give you the opportunity to have a feel about each city and present you a short snippet of their event’s calendar. As always, we’ve listed events coming up shortly in the upcoming year and Trade Fair Trips will offer you hotel deals to simplify your travel plan.

Right… Without further ado, we present you Paris! Given that France boasts the sixth largest economy in the world, Paris enjoys an elevated status as this economy’s engine. There’s one word to describe the city’s economy – diverse. Whatever happens in Paris has a strong impact not only in the country, but in the world. Historically, it’s been a strong financial centre on par with London and you can be certain to find that numerous Fortune Global 500 companies are based in Paris.

Having now been transitioning from manufacturing, Paris fosters and nurtures IT services and media and informational services, while keeping a focus on high-tech manufacturing. But it’s its landmarks, rich history and over 3800 historical monuments in the region, which drive in the most revenue. The City of Lights (and Love; and Fashion) along with its periphery draws in roughly 42 million tourists per year and they spend a lot! Tourism and hospitality are the top earners in the city, which extends to hosting trade fairs as well.

Paris has a long tradition in hosting events and has transferred all its experience in the genius of a building that is the North Paris-Villepinte Exposition Park (Parc des expositions de Paris-Nord Villepinte, in French). It’s been in operating since 1982 and ranks the second-largest in the country with its 115 hectares and has 246,000 square meters. There are eight furbished halls in total and provide you with the opportunity to host a multitude of different events. Apart from the obvious exhibitions and trade fairs, the centre has seen ceremonies, business meetings, conferences and cultural events take place!

SILMO PARIS 2016: Style meets functionality in this trade fair dedicated to eyewear and the subtleties of optometry. It’s schedule for September and will bring celebrated brands and designers as well as optometrists, specialists and machine manufacturing. Organizers project over 7000 exhibitors divided along 21 sectors – talk about in-depth market representation!

ALL 4 PACK 2016: As one of the biggest exhibitions for machinery, automated systems, storage and information systems, this event enjoys impressive numbers. There will be over 1600 exhibitors and an audience exceeding 98,000 trade visitors. You’ll see a lot of industry fields represented from luxury goods and pharmaceuticals to food and beverages. The main goal is to feature innovative products and techniques.

PARIS AIR SHOW 2017: In June, you’ll have the opportunity of a life time – to see one of the biggest air shows in the world. Due to its size and specific needs to display airplanes and host a riveting performance show, the destination is changes to Le Bourget Airport, which is fairly easy to get to. Apart from the entire aviation industry represented, the general public will discover many thrills and entertainment.

This concludes our first foray into France’s capital. These represent a small sample of the many exhibitions, trade fairs and shows that take centre stage in Paris. If you’re curious to see whether your industry is represented, be sure to write the Trade Fair Trips team at [email protected] or give us a call at +44 203 514 06 68. We’ll be happy to guide you to the best industry event that fits your company and goals. We’ll also help you organize your entire business trip.

Next week, we’re heading to a devastatingly beautiful city on a gentle river, famous for its winemaking – Bordeaux! Stay tuned for our next article and the events we’ll cover!

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