Изложения в Switzerland за Химия

Switzerland has one of the most forward-thinking pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries in the European Union. As a cornerstone of the nation’s economy, it drives innovation and serves as a global leader in exports. The industry, which first began taking shape in the 19th century, has evolved into a major player in the global scene, contributing a lot of advancements in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and specialty chemicals. The chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry accounts for a significant portion of Switzerland’s GDP, contributing approximately 7% to the nation's economic output. It also holds the distinction of being Switzerland’s leading exporter with chemical and pharmaceutical products comprising roughly 50% of total annual exports. Thanks to such high export rates, Switzerland has firmly positioned itself as a global hub for high-value-added products with a strong focus on vitamins, crop protection agents, flavors, fragrances and fine chemicals. Innovation is a particular strength that defines Switzerland’s chemicals industry with companies investing heavily in research and development. In 2021 alone, industry members allocated around CHF 5.7 billion to R&D activities in Switzerland, representing a third of their worldwide research investments. The industry is characterized by a mix of major multinational corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Companies like Roche, Novartis, Syngenta and Clariant lead the charge, driving innovation and growth on a global scale. However, SMEs play a vital role, accounting for nearly half of all industry employment. Switzerland’s well-equipped regional centers, comprising universities, private research institutes and companies, foster a collaborative ecosystem that fuels innovation and drives research around the world. Swiss companies are at the forefront of global research and development, with a presence in key innovation hubs worldwide. From the United States to Singapore and Japan, Swiss firms drive innovation and collaborate with external research groups to develop cutting-edge technologies and products.

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