Изложения в Switzerland за Строителство и конструкция

Switzerland’s building and construction industry has done a great job to weather the past several years of financial turmoil. Even amidst challenges of all kinds, the sector has been on a steady and stable ascent. The construction industry is, in fact, poised for robust growth, defying near-term challenges. According to ConsTrack360’s Q4 2021 Global Construction Survey, Switzerland’s construction sector is set to surge by 14.9%, reaching a formidable EUR 34,316 million in 2022. While certain construction sectors grapple with immediate hurdles, the medium to long-term growth narrative in Switzerland remains largely unchanged and that’s a good sign. Projections indicate a steady ascent over the next four quarters, fostering a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% from 2022 to 2026. The anticipated peak of construction output in Switzerland is EUR 47,524.4 million by 2026. This manifests through housing, infrastructure and sustainable projects aimed at meeting climate goals. If we’re to look at specific examples of how Swiss construction is doing then we need to have a closer look at projects being launched in Basel, which is experiencing continuous architectural innovation. KohlerStraumann, a trailblazing architecture firm, has unveiled a monolithic yet minimalist concrete apartment building in Binningen, a Basel suburb. Nestled into a hillside, the structure’s cascading terraces afford each of its seven apartments panoramic views of the city. The design, characterized by exposed shuttered concrete walls and tall windows, manifests a rigorous façade with starkly simple detailing. The newly constructed building exemplifies the country’s clean design ethos, while remaining cost-effective and sustainable in the long run. In short, Switzerland's building and construction industry surges forward – a trend that’s not going anywhere any time soon. Challenges may deaccelerate this trend, but there’s no stopping the spirit of progress that propels the industry to new heights in the heart of Europe and has earned it one of the strongest reputations worldwide.

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