Изложения в Switzerland за Аеро-Космически и самолетни технологии

Switzerland, widely known across the world for precision engineering and innovation, is naturally making its presence in the aerospace industry felt. With over 500 companies and around 160,000 specialists and workers employed, the Swiss aerospace sector has emerged as a vital contributor to the nation’s GDP, accounting for approximately 6%. In fact, some remarkable aerospace giants are propelling the industry forward. At the forefront of aircraft manufacturing, Pilatus and RUAG have made significant strides. Pilatus, in particular, stands out for its high-performance turboprops and military training aircraft. The company has even extended its reach to the United Arab Emirates, supplying the UAE Air Force and Air Defense with aircraft worth more than US500 million. This not only underscores Pilatus's global influence but also boosts Switzerland's aerospace industry by a significant margin. Additionally, Switzerland has carved a niche as a preferred destination for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Organizations (MROs) in the aviation business. This sector caters to aircraft servicing and is pivotal in ensuring the safety and reliability of aviation operations. In the aerospace landscape, RUAG, a government-owned enterprise, is a prominent player. Its influence stretches across Aerospace and Technology and the Defense and Security sectors. RUAG's acquisition of Oerlikon Space has further solidified its standing in the global aerospace arena. Beyond these key players, Switzerland boasts approximately 25 other manufacturers that focus on producing, developing, and assembling structural components, engaging in system integration, and providing services for aircraft and helicopters. This diverse array of companies plays a vital role in shaping the country's aerospace future. As Switzerland continues to push forward in the aerospace sector, its expertise in precision, quality and innovation continue to serve the nation in establishing a strong aeronautical reputation. With an impressive roster of companies and an entrepreneurial spirit, Switzerland is securing its place in the global aerospace industry.

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