Изложения в France за Филми и медии

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In 2023, the French film and media industry demonstrated incredible resilience as it managed to weather through the worst of the pandemic, while still attracting millions of spectators worldwide and solidifying its position as a powerhouse in international cinema. Amidst slow returns to movie theater screenings, French films continued to captivate audiences both in person and on streaming platforms, contributing significantly to the global entertainment landscape. French films enjoyed remarkable success in international movie theaters, with 37.4 million admissions recorded outside France. This marked a significant increase of 38.5% compared to the previous year, proving that French cinema continues to exert an undeniable cultural influence on the art of filmmaking. While attendance levels did not fully return to pre-pandemic levels, French films played a crucial role in revitalizing international movie theaters, drawing audiences back to cinemas worldwide. The success of French cinema was certainly felt in box-office revenues, which totaled €234.0 million from international screenings. Majority-French productions accounted for 29.7 million admissions, representing a strong spike of 74.7% compared to the previous year. Additionally, French-language productions garnered 30.1 million admissions, reflecting a more than satisfactory increase of 53.6%. French films made a significant impact across various genres and categories with 61 films exceeding 100,000 admissions and seven films surpassing the 1 million admissions milestone. Western Europe emerged as the leading geographic zone in terms of audience numbers, further highlighting the widespread popularity of French cinema across the continent. France maintained its dominance in major international festivals with 23.1% of all titles selected across ten prestigious events being French. A total of 256 French films were selected, screened and awarded at these festivals. Proof that French film remains highly regarded and celebrated internationally. Despite facing competition from other countries, France consistently showcases the quality of its filmmaking talent on the world stage.

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