Изложения в France за Козметика

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France’s beauty and personal care products market is experiencing a steady rise with an estimated size of USD 11.45 billion in 2024. Projections suggest further growth, reaching USD 12.27 billion in the next five years. Part of this success lies in the rise of organic and natural beauty products, which appeal to French consumers, who are increasingly eco conscious. They are very willing to invest more for the associated benefits. This demand is one of the key drivers of market growth, which reflects the marked popularity of cleaner and greener beauty options. The demand for anti-ageing products is also gaining momentum, fueled by a quest for age-defying solutions. Coupled with this, the market is witnessing a surge in demand for products featuring innovative and eco-friendly packaging designs. Online retail channels dominate the cosmetics industry in France as a driver of sales. In 2021, 43% of beauty and hygiene products were purchased online – a trend that confirms the impact of digital platforms on consumer choices and market dynamics. Men’s grooming products are experiencing a notable uptick in demand, driven by preferences for multifunctional solutions. The men’s market, in particular, is poised for a great expansion as cultural norms regarding male beauty and grooming shifts. The country is also witnessing an increased appetite for luxury beauty products, attributed to rising disposable income, strategic advertising and promotional efforts. Consumers prioritize high-quality products consumers can trust and skincare is where they’re sinking the most costs. Skincare products contribute to 27% of total cosmetics revenue in 2021 in France. A heightened awareness of synthetic chemical effects is driving demand for natural and organic skincare options. Finally, it’s worth noting that market players are strategically expanding their portfolios internationally. In March 2022, The L'Occitane Group exemplified this trend by forming an acquisition with the Australian clean skincare brand, Grown Alchemist.

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