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18 Nov 2019

The Chinese Trade Fairs You Simply Can’t Miss

The Chinese Trade Fairs You Simply Can’t Miss

Last week, we promised we’d take you through the most significant trade fairs being held in Asia. It’s time to start this trip with a visit to China – the powerhouse economy on the entire continent that’s been impressing global powers with its exponential growth over the decades in recent history.

We’ve already discussed its economy, but it bears repeating. China has been growing for the past 30 years at what can described as an exponential rate. It tops the ranks for GDP in major categories and thanks to its wealth in natural resources, manufacturing has established itself as the economy’s backbone. This, in turn, propelled China as the largest manufacturing economy in the world and as a direct result the largest exporter of goods in the world and second largest importer. As such, this positions China at the forefront of international trade. These conditions explain why China has in recent years become a host for numerous major international trade fairs and exhibitions. This is best reflected in its exhibition centres.

Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Centre impresses with its sheer size. We’re talking about 780,000 square meters, 230,000 square meters’ net coverage of exhibition halls and over 80 medium and high grade meeting rooms. Keeping all these spaces clean and in tip top shape requires a lot of work and you can rely on speedy work, quick coordination and true professionals that meet your specific needs in the city of Xiamen.

Shanghai New International Expo Centre is the other exceptional exhibition centre, opening its doors in the early 2000s. As with all enterprises in China, it’s exceptionally spacious and flexible in hosting even the most ambitious trade fairs. Capacity sits at 200,000 square meters indoor and 100,000 square meters outdoor exhibition area. There are a total of 17 exhibition halls, additional conference rooms, and a business center to coordinate everything. But what’s the reason for it being the premier exhibition centre in China? The SNIEC sits in the Pudong district – where all business happens. The centre is a single-story building without any pillars and is equipped with the latest in exhibition technology.

The exhibitions and trade fairs, which get organized in China, also tend to be on the massive, ambitious scale. We’ve featured only three – but there are numerous events for every possible industry. If you don’t find your industry, it’s best you consult Trade Fair Trips ltd to help you find your best match in China… and around the world for that.

XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2017: Held in early March, this international trade fair targets the stone market and features a plethora of products and services from over 2000 trade visitors. Thanks to the Global Master Architects Forum, Educational Sessions, Stone Design Day as well as Sessions for Industrial Promotion, over 150,000 industry insiders make the trip to the city of Xiamen to conduct business and remain informed about the least innovations and best practices.

SIAL CHINA 2017: If you’re involved in the food industry in any capacity and wish to target the Chinese market, this is the trade fair you want to appear on. The fair is hosted in Shanghai in mid-May and will attract near 3000 exhibitors representing dairy products, eggs, fresh meat and offal, semi-finished food products and ingredients, fresh poultry and game, horticulture, confectionary and canned foods among many others. You have over 76,000 trade visitors!

AIR CARGO CHINA 2017: As the name says for itself, this trade fair hosted in mid-May in Shanghai is dedicated to breakthroughs and best practices in the air cargo sectors. Numbers are strong with over 22,000 visitors from 65 countries and regions. You have the chance to meet with representatives of the industry leaders and establish a foothold in China – one of the fastest growing markets in the field.

Next week, we’re going a little further East and will stop at the significant events happening in Hong Kong – stay tuned. As always, Trade Fair Trips ltd advises you to seek professional assistance when it comes to organizing business trips far from home where language barriers might be significant. This is where we come in – we search for the right event and the right accommodation. All you have to do is get in touch by writing at our contact page. We are here to help you through every stage of the reservation process.

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