Часовници, бижута, скъпоценни камъни
18 Nov 2019



Tastes and mastery transform and transition so fast when it comes to clocks and jewelry, it’s imperative you should cultivate a firm presence in the industry. Your creations are the surest way to guarantee you longevity or perhaps you’ve involved in the purchase and sale of such fine objects. In this case, you need to maintain a vigilant eye on trends and scout for talent. A healthy network is what helps you stay relevant and known, so don’t hesitate.

Trade Fair Trips ltd has been working on our event calendar and has found some recent trade shows and exhibitions you still time to sign up for and chase your business goals. We’re very adamant to keep costs low in order to allow companies of all sizes to achieve their goals. The four events we present here are just a short snippet. If you want to further your search, be sure to give us a call.

Once you’ve selected your event, we will be more than happy to assist you in getting your travel arrangements sorted out.

EPHJ - EPMT - SMT 2016: The events are coming up soon: mid-June in Geneva, Switzerland and as a trio focus on precision technologies such as the microtechnology sector and medical technology sector. Head to EPHJ for the watchmaking industry where you’ll be surrounded by qualified experts in the most sensitive inner workings of clocks and watches.

MINERAL & GEM 2016: Before you get to jewelry, you start with gems, precious and semi-precious stones and crystals. At this event in late June in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France, the halls will twinkle bright with the collected reflections cast by minerals, fossils and meteorites gathered in one place. It’s heaven for collectors and scientists alike and provides a great place for purchasing.

MIDORA LEIPZIG 2016: If you seek to make great direct sales, close deals and generate sale leads, you need to travel to Leipzig, Germany in the beginning of September. Precious metals, gems, ornamental timepieces and precise watches are on display. As an exhibitor, you’ll stand to gain recognition and keep an eye on market trends.

VICENZAORO SEPTEMBER 2016: Continuing its region’s prestigious history with its great gold production and fine jewelry, VICENZAORO SEPTEMBER comes early September to live up to expectations. It’s a crucial moment for the jewelry business and sees interest from famous companies and experts prizing precision and excellence above anything else.

Have you selected your event? Give us a call and we’ll help you organize the whole trip for you, including finding you affordable accommodation close to the exhibition centre in question.

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