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Mебелна промишленост и декор
18 ное 2019


Good taste might be slow to change, but fashion never stays in one place and those companies involved in the furniture and decoration sectors need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry, if they want to maintain relevancy. Don’t allow yourself to get lost amid the trends, capitalize on the ones that come closest to you and even dictate the taste by visiting trade fairs and exhibitions.

To help you grow, gain a new international audience and do accurate market research by first-hand experience, we’ve created this curated list with the four most anticipated events this year and next to help you choose.

HOME + GIFT 2016: Held in Harrogate, UK, this tradeshow has been the centre of attention since its inception and its audience numbers 12,000 retail buyers looking to do business. You have the perfect opportunity to impress attendees and with 800 exhibitioners, the competition is good. The event is a perfect launch pad for new collections and new brand debuts.

CERSAIE 2016: Come to Bologna to treat yourself to the innovations, emerging trends and best practices in the world of ceramics. As an event, it’s highly specialized, so you get more focused attendees ready to close deals. Here you have the opportunity to break into markets you never had before. Tiles vary in thickness, colors, designs and finishes!

HEIMTEXTIL 2017: Let’s turn our attention to the textile industry, which is honored here in Frankfurt, Germany. In terms of numbers, you’re looking at 2700 exhibitors and 67,000 trade visitors – a reason enough to attend. There is a wealth of resources and opportunities to not only place your products on display, but also find future business contacts. Attending will put you on the map and helps you with generating international sales leads.

IMM COLOGNE 2017: Finally, we finish our selection with this exhibition in Cologne for the entire sector. You’ll see every possible product category in the interior design sector represented. Focus falls on establishing ideas that will blossom into international trends – a conversation you need to pay attention to, if you wish to enjoy longevity in the industry!

Business trips are valuable investments, which in long term contribute to your reputation in the field and secures you a more steady influx of orders, commissions and direct sales. But to be fully prepared, you need to consider the best hotel accommodation. Trade Fair Trips ltd has been in this line of work for years and we can get you the right hotel at the right price in no time!