Търговски изложения в Германия
18 Nov 2019

Exhibitions in Germany: Doorway to the International Market

Exhibitions in Germany: Doorway to the International Market

In the wake of the digital age, you might think exhibitions have gone the way of the dodo bird since long distance communication and marketing have become business mainstays. However to the German trade fair sector, the numbers speak otherwise. Germany has established itself as a business powerhouse with a global reputation and in 2015, AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry, have registered 164 international and national trade fairs on the country’s territory. A clear message is sent – exhibitions and trade fairs are here to stay.

What’s more, trade fairs and other industry events are entering a new Renaissance, bringing not only life and resources into local economy, but opening doors to all exhibitors who’ve had the mind to invest in their representation. Here are a few numbers to convince you there’s an untapped potential for your company awaiting in Germany.

For starters, current estimations predict the number for trade fairs to be held in 2016 at 185 events across every industry you can think of from pharmaceuticals to microelectronics.

Since 2014, exhibitors at trade fairs have seen a +1.5% increase in numbers landing at just about 172,000 and attendance has risen with +2% to a total of 9.8 million. A staggering rise considering the trouble the transport sector has face in light of the strikes during 2015.

Data confirms these trends are long-term and will continue on this course throughout 2016 leading to more exhibitors and visitors. This, in turn, creates a very positive prognosis for the domestic and international revenue streams generated as a result of trade fairs. Organizers and exhibitors polled also reveal there’s significant positive effect on the industry itself after one of these exhibitions, trade shows and fairs.

The positive reception of trade fairs leads to an increase in investments with exhibitors willing to invest 4.6% more than in 2014/2015 for the upcoming 2016 and 2017 on average. Nearly a third of 500 companies surveyed, at 27%, are making plans to expand their budgets as a means to stay relevant in their industry and gain further visibility and benefits. From the same survey, 84% of exhibitors confirm trade fairs are crucial to their companies’ growth!

In light of all this information, Trade Fair Trips ltd has decided to take you a tour through the biggest exhibition centres in Germany, give you a brief overlook of the location and present you the most popular trade fairs and exhibitions scheduled for 2016. Locations include: Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg and Berlin.

Stay tuned! The first article in this series debuts next week, same time!

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