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18 ное 2019

5 Must-Attends Events For The Metal Working Industries

You have learned the value of attending industry events to promote your products and build a name for your company. That’s great! Good to have you convinced, but for those unsure as to which events are best for the metal working industries, we have you covered with a curated list with established events.

With the right event, you stand to register a spike in sales, not to mention the long-term benefits of name recognition. It’s an investment and we are here to show you just five of the best investments you can make for your business. Behold our list and find what works for you. If you don’t see anything that matches, then be sure to drop us a line. There are many more than just these 5:

TUBE 2016 Clocking in over 33,000 visitors, TUBE is on the forefront for raw materials, tubes, accessories, machines for producing tubes and testing technology. You get a chance to establish a platform with international recognition. It’s an impressive stage to find new buyers and investors.

WIRE 2016 Similar to TUBE, WIRE 2016 specializes in wire manufacturing and finishing as it offers a full overview of the industry form raw materials to measurement and control technology. Attendance rounds to 38,000 individuals – not a bad number for those looking for new clients.

EMO MILANO 2015 This world machine tool exhibition presents future solutions and the latest machine tools. It’s often celebrated for its dedication to improving life through radical advancements in technology – a perfect platform for companies, which wish to ride a new wave and grow into a giant.

EUROGUSS 2016 More than 11,000 professionals are coming to EUROGUSS in order to get updates on the latest developments in the die casting industry. As a niche event, the focus falls on the intricacies of the industry and growing sub-sectors such as rapid prototyping, die casting machinery, material testing and 3D printing.

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 It’s crucial you sign up for his event as it sees the crème de la crème of the joining, cutting and surfacing technology industry. You don’t only sell your product, but you sell your company to decision and taste makers. If rising to the top on a global scale is your strategy, this is the place to achieve it.

Have you picked the event that best suits your business? Let Trade Fair Trips ltd handle your travel arrangements. You get a comprehensive service as we work with hotels, airlines and rent-a-car providers to find the optimal travel recipe for success.