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18 ное 2019


As the active lifestyle continues to evolve, so will the demands towards sports companies and manufacturers. Technology has allowed us to change the way we exercise and seek adrenaline out in the wild. Humans want to climb higher, run faster, swim further and conquer harder terrain. Under any conditions and this the future of sport. Those who meet consumer needs first is the winner and if you participate in this race, you have to take every opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!

Trade Fair Trips ltd presents you with high-profile exhibitions and trade fairs that introduce your products to eager buyers. In addition, you gain access to the latest industry information on trends and technological innovations. Research the market and keep an eye on your direct competition!

ISPO MUNICH 2017: This exhibition has been a leader for sports equipment, clothing and accessories, giving its over 80,0000 trade visitors a comprehensive insight into every product group and category. The exhibition is divided into several sectors – outdoor, ski, action, text trends, performance sports, sourcing, health and fitness. Over 2600 renowned exhibitors from all over the world are coming in February in Munich, Germany.

OUTDOOR 2017: Going strong for two decades and counting, this international trade fair is returning in June to Friedrichshafen, Germany with an even grander program. You can expect for more than 900 exhibitors to showcase their latest across every conceivable product group from watersports to climbing gear. In addition to the exhibitor booths, you benefit from a rich, detailed conference and lecture programme.

EUROBIKE 2017: Friedrichshafen, Germany welcomes this long-standing fair back at the end of late August and early September to showcase all the latest trends in cycling culture. More than 1350 exhibitors will display and demonstrate bike models, accessories, parts and tools you might need. Audience is expected to exceed 42,000 trade visitors and members of the general public. The highly anticipated EUROBIKE awards await your entries!

Have you discovered the next exhibition or fair to visit? We’re thrilled! Now it’s time to sort out your hotel accommodation. Trade Fair Trips ltd assists you every step of the way and gets you reservations for hotel rooms that fit your budget and preference in location. Whether you are a small or large company, it doesn’t matter. We help companies of all sizes to reach their true potential and receive optimal experiences!