Изложения в Netherlands за Автомобили - Автомобилна индустрия

The Netherlands has established a strong reputation in the global automotive industry for itself. With around 5300 car companies, the nation is driving innovation and economic growth. These automotive enterprises collectively generate an impressive annual revenue of over 50 billion euros and provide approximately 56,000 jobs for the Dutch workforce. One brand that stands out is Volkswagen, which claimed the title of the best-selling car brand in the Netherlands in 2019. With almost 47,500 unit sales and a market share of approximately 11 percent, Volkswagen has found a special place in the hearts of Dutch drivers. Electric vehicles (EVs) have sparked a significant revolution in the Netherlands. Tesla's Model 3, an all-electric wonder, has become a top choice for Dutch motorists. The Netherlands also made an impressive mark in the electric vehicle market, securing the second position in Europe (after Norway) in terms of the market share of newly registered passenger electric vehicles in 2019. While petrol-fueled cars still hold sway in the country, sales figures for 2019 tell an interesting story. Petrol car sales decreased by 14% year-on-year, while EV sales saw a remarkable surge. In the world of trucks, the Netherlands has experienced a shift. The number of newly registered trucks in the country hit an all-time low with just over 2450 units, down from nearly 4200 in 2011. Leading the charge in the Dutch truck industry is DAF Trucks, which became part of Paccar in 1996. DAF holds a substantial 17% share of the European heavy truck market. As the Netherlands continues to navigate the road of automotive innovation, it's clear that the nation is not just a pretty backdrop of tulips and canals but a thriving hub for the ever-evolving automotive sector. Whether it's electric mobility or heavy trucks, the Netherlands is steering toward a dynamic and sustainable automotive future.

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