Изложения в Turkey за Автомобили - Автомобилна индустрия

Turkey's automotive industry has greatly influenced and fueled the country's manufacturing sector and economic landscape. Situated predominantly in the Marmara Region, Turkish automotive companies have cemented their presence on the global stage, ranking the country as the 13th largest vehicle producer in the world in 2022. In 2022, Turkey rolled out an impressive 1,352,648 motor vehicles. The industry reached its zenith in 2017 when production soared to 1,695,731 vehicles. Among the key players in the Turkish automotive sector are companies like TEMSA, Otokar and BMC, known for their high-quality manufacturing of vans, buses and trucks. More recently, Togg (Turkey's Automobile Joint Venture Group Inc.) made a strong impression as the country's first all-electric vehicle manufacturer, signaling Turkey’s move towards sustainability and e-mobility. The Turkish automotive industry has carved out a significant role in the global production network with exports totaling nearly $20 billion in motor vehicles and components. Europe receives a lion's share, accounting for about 85% of these exports. This thriving sector hosts production plants for several global car manufacturers, including Fiat/Tofaş, Oyak-Renault, Hyundai, Toyota and Ford Otosan. The foundations of this industry were laid in the 1950s when Türk Otomotiv Endüstrileri A.Ş. (TOE) commenced manufacturing military trucks, including the REO and later models produced in collaboration with International Harvester. While early efforts in car production were short-lived, 1961 marked a significant milestone with the production of the first Turkish domestic car, Devrim, by TÜLOMSAŞ, a train manufacturer. The turning point came with the establishment of the Otosan assembly factory in 1959, paving the way for mass production of the iconic domestic car, Anadol, in 1966. With a rich history of automotive innovation and a rapidly growing presence on the global stage, Turkey's automotive industry is steering the country toward a future that combines economic growth, technological advancements, and a commitment to producing world-class vehicles.

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