Изложения в Netherlands за Лодки

The Netherlands have always been home to seafarers and today, its singular relationship to water has resulted in a maritime industry that rivals many. The country boasts every single segment from leisure boating to international shipping and shipbuilding innovation. The Dutch are pioneers in all things maritime. Referred to as the Gateway to Europe, the Netherlands benefits from its central position in the Eurodelta region and robust hinterland infrastructure. This strategic advantage has created the ideal environment for international logistics with seamless connectivity to commercial and industrial hubs across Europe. The Dutch maritime industry capitalizes on this infrastructure, which allows for the smooth flow of cargo and strong trade relationships on a global scale. The country’s boat building sector can be counted as one of the country’s biggest assets as there are boat builders of all sizes that cater to diverse preferences. From polyester sailboats to steel family cruisers, the Netherlands offers a spectrum of options for boating enthusiasts. With over 500,000 boats in active use, the demand for watercraft reflects the nation’s affinity for maritime leisure. Employment within the Dutch maritime industry remains robust as over 31,000 individuals are currently employed across a network of over 4,200 water sport companies. These, of course, include marinas, importers and maintenance firms. Dutch shipyards continue to lead the charge in seagoing vessel production. 2026 was notable for delivering 63 vessels, valued at over $1.2 billion, which marked the beginning of faster expansion. A significant portion of Dutch shipyard output is earmarked for export. At the forefront of marine innovation is the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS), Europe’s premier showcase for boating equipment and supplies. Held annually in Amsterdam, METS launches cutting-edge marine electronics, maritime technology, and essential boat components. From GPS systems to electronic charting and communication devices, Dutch innovation continues to drive demand for state-of-the-art boating equipment.

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