Изложения в Netherlands за Развлекателна индустрия и медии

The Netherlands' entertainment and media industry is expected to rebound nicely following the worst of the pandemic with total revenue projected to reach $228.00 million in 2022. The annual growth rate for the period 2022-2027 is estimated at 10.47% and experts predict that the market will hit $396.80 million by 2027. Amidst this flourishing ecosystem, one overarching theme takes center stage: personalization. Dutch consumers wield increasing power in tailoring their media experiences to suit their individual preferences – worldwide trend, - which has set the stage for fierce competition among media companies, trying to pierce the noise and stand out amongst a highly saturated market. At the heart of the sector lies an insatiable demand for entertainment and media (E&M) content, which reached its peak during the pandemic. Much like the rest of the world, Dutch consumers had nothing to do but consume content during lockdowns. Something made easy thanks to the proliferation of high-speed broadband coupled with the ubiquitous presence of digital devices. As a result, national companies spanning the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) spectrum are intensifying their investments in a myriad of offerings from TV shows and series to short videos, movies, video games, podcasts, live events, and esports, to engage local audiences. This surge in demand fuels a corresponding rise in consumer and advertising expenditure with both sectors experiencing unprecedented growth. From prestige TV shows to the world of esports, the Netherlands’ entertainment and media industry brims with opportunities for industry players to capitalize on evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements. As the industry navigates these waves of change, local entities are poised to leverage their unique strengths and scale to compete with global media giants. Certainly not a unique challenge given the complete and utter domination of American productions on the global market.

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