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18 Nov 2019

Dusseldorf: A State Capital with a Lot to Offer

Dusseldorf: A State Capital with a Lot to Offer

Hello and welcome to our series of articles exploring the business roots of German cities as trade fair centres. You can read more about the concept behind this series at the initial post. A quick recap for new readers – last week we took a look at Cologne, Germany’s automotive centre and some of the biggest events to take place on its territory in the next year. Find out, if your industry was featured and don’t hesitate to contact us about making your arrangements! Today, we’re travelling to North Rhine-Westphalia, where we will talk a little bit about the charming city of Dusseldorf – the state’s capital and a lively location whether you’re going in to grow your business or see the sites. With a population of over half a million, the city has a thriving community and as a result a thriving economy, encompassing a variety of industries. At the moment, it distinguishes itself as a global business and financial centre on par with Paris and London – not bad for a city that’s not Berlin!

As a result of all this, Dusseldorf has rightfully reached a ranking of six in terms of Quality of Life by the Mercer Survey in 2009. It’s no wonder to see such a metropolis develop a strong trade fair culture and Messe Dusseldorf has been hosting exhibitions, symposiums, fairs and shows for the past 60 years. Let’s break down some data to show you:

Events Yearly: Over 100 in its calendar each year. Exhibitors: 31,269 for 2014 Visitors:1,399,024 for 2014 Sales: EUR 412 million consolidated sales in 2014

When it comes to the scope, reach and focus, Messe Dusseldorf has no restrictions. Among the top industries to host in the event space are the machinery and equipment, leisure, health and medicine, retail and trade, skilled trades and services, fashion and lifestyle. How can all these differing fields find a suitable place here?

Messe Dusseldorf staff approaches each new event with imagination to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience that optimizes foot traffic to all exhibition sections. Apart from this, organizers can rely on prompt, professional responses and a readiness to assist in any way possible. The exhibition centre constantly does maintenance and updates presentation audio visual equipment to remain in pace with the ever-changing landscape of exhibition tech!

MEDICA 2016: Are you a medical professional? You can’t miss this exhibition in November for the life of you! Not only this one of the biggest platforms in the industry, but also provides conferences and forums geared towards solving the most pressing challenges in medicine! We estimate over 130,000 industry insider attend – a reason enough to make it on that list and be in the know about the latest innovations in medical technologies and practices.

K MESSE 2016: Targeted at the plastics and rubber sectors, this trade fair will take the stage in October with over 3200 exhibitors expected to display their best products, machinery and services. As a whole, the event garners a lot of industry attention since it’s frequented by over 218,000 professionals, mostly due to the in-depth overview of every product category and the emphasis on innovations. It’s the place to seek new clients, strengthen relationships with old ones and build a name for yourself.

GLASSTEC 2016: As the name suggests, this September-scheduled trade fair specializes in the distinct needs and intricacies of the glass industry and keeps an eye out to the future! The trade fair sees interest from specialists, engineers, architects and investors as it charts out the progression of glass technology. Not to mention to superior business opportunities exhibitors have to grow client list and break into new markets with their wares. Topics of discussions will be application of glass in the building envelope, interactive glass and new glass products.

Right! This is where we wrap up for Dusseldorf. Haven’t found an event that interests you but want to visit the city still? Trade Fair Trips has a long list with exhibitions and trade fairs set in Dusseldorf (and all over the world, for that matter). Send us all your inquiries. We’re easy to reach - just fill the enquiry form on your homepage. In addition to the events, we supply you with hotel room reservations at premium prices.

We will pick up our tour of Germany’s exhibition-friendly cities shortly with a visit to scenic Nuremberg. Be sure to check in for what we have in store!

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