Изложения в UK за Ръчна изработка

It might surprise many, but the handicraft industry in the UK is a serious, dependable contributor to the country’s economy according to the Crafts Council. According to government data, the craft sector accounted for an estimated £300 million in Gross Value Added to the UK economy in 2018. Additionally, the UK’s export of craft goods saw a notable increase, reaching £4.84 billion in 2017 with key European markets such as France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Ireland, alongside global markets like the Gulf and the USA, playing pivotal roles in driving export growth. The Crafts Council’s survey of makers highlighted a growing trend in international sales with 32% of respondents’ sales attributed to international markets, which has gone up from 25% in the previous survey. Established makers, with longer business tenure, were found to be more active in exporting as they comprise 44% of those selling overseas compared to only 5% of start-up makers. While the prospects for international sales are promising, makers still face challenges when it comes to exporting their crafts. Logistics and shipping emerged as the primary barriers, followed closely by a lack of networks, contacts, knowledge, and experience. However, there has been a positive shift in perceptions, with fewer respondents citing marketing and paperwork as significant barriers compared to previous research. Considering the growing emphasis on export markets coupled with shifting demographics within the industry, it’s evident that craft practitioners have encountered choppy waters, when it comes to seizing the most opportunities in today's market landscape. The demographics of the craft industry reveal interesting trends. About four-fifths of craft workers are male and 40% are aged over 50. Female participation is higher among self-employed and part-time practitioners, which indicates a diverse workforce within the sector. The narrative of the UK handicraft industry is one of positive change.

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