Изложения в UK за Бебета, деца и майчинство

The UK’s baby, kids and maternity industry has followed many other global markets by shifting towards sustainability and organic products, moved by consumer preferences and the heightened awareness of environmental and health concerns. Parents have become more discerning about the origin and quality of the products they purchase for their children and while China is currently in the lead in terms of revenue generation, the UK market’s focus on eco-friendly options already exerts considerable influence on the global scene. In 2024, the UK’s Baby & Child market revenue stands at $41.49 million with a projected annual growth rate of 1.92% from 2024 to 2028. The COVID-19 pandemic had much to do in amplifying parental concerns regarding babies’ skin health, which has led to increased spending on personal care products, nappies and wipes. In 2020, the market observed strong stockpiling and bulk-buying behaviors, which have driven a 2.8% increase in the value of the babies’ and children’s personal care products category at the start of the pandemic. Profits reached £676 million for that year. With 63% of parents expressing concerns about potential skin damage from excessive washing and cleaning, there is a growing demand for products offering moisturizing benefits, microbiome-friendly formulas and natural antibacterial ingredients. Brands are innovating to address these concerns and capitalize on these consumer preferences. Financial strains stemming from the pandemic have prompted some consumers to switch to own-label brands, which has made an impact on market dynamics. However, opportunities exist for premiumization aligned with eco-ethical trends. Approximately 21% of parents are interested in biodegradable formulas, further signaling that sustainable options are here to stay. Another vital consideration for parents is the importance of emotional wellbeing in childcare. Aromatherapy ingredients, mood-boosting scents and massage applicators present opportunities for brands to cater to parents seeking holistic approaches to childcare.

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