Изложения в China за Храна и напитки

China’s food and drinks industry enjoys the fruits of labour as the country experienced a massive boom in production and an increase in consumption. The COVID-19 pandemic most certainly left a lasting mark on consumer habits and values as consumers prioritize health and well-being. This shift, coupled with an expanding affluent population wielding greater purchasing power, has paved the way for increased investment in premium food and beverage offerings. A transformative force in the industry has been the meteoric rise of e-commerce. The digital revolution has been instrumental in propelling the fresh food e-commerce market to unprecedented heights in China. This surge has popularized food delivery services, establishing e-commerce as the primary distribution channel for health food. Projections indicate that China's online-to-offline food market is poised to become the world's largest with industry giants Alibaba and Tencent at the helm of this revolution. Digitalization continues to fuel innovation in the sector, creating the ideal conditions for a flourishing foodtech sector in China. From groundbreaking farming methods to user-friendly e-grocery apps and blockchain-driven supply chain management, technology is reshaping the industry as we speak. Unmanned stores and breakfast vans are making significant strides in the Chinese breakfast market. The pandemic has fundamentally altered perceptions of health. This heightened awareness has motivated consumers to carefully consider what they eat and drink by researching product quality, safety, natural ingredients and nutritional value. Companies are responding to consumer demands by incorporating healthier and dietetic ingredients across various beverage categories from soft drinks to coffee. China’s food and beverage industry has yet to fully mature, but what we’re seeing is a lot of reliance on technology from e-commerce to automation to deliver convenience. With AI and a deeper penetration of robotization on the way, the Chinese market will see a widening gap between consumers and food professionals.

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