Изложения в Hong Kong за Храна и напитки

Hong Kong’s food and drinks industry broke new records in processed food and beverage exports in 2022, totaling HK$38.2 billion. Mainland China has emerged as the primary market as it absorbs 48% of Hong Kong's exports, closely trailed by Macao at 24%. At the heart of Hong Kong’s food and drinks industry lies a dynamic re-export ecosystem. In 2022, re-exports constituted over 82% of the total. Major players in the sector include Dah Chong Hong, Four Seas Food Investment, Kampery and Sun Shun Fuk, which serve as linchpins in Hong Kong’s extensive network of food importers and traders. The industry is dominated by large-scale food and beverage production with an emphasis on local consumption. From instant noodles, pasta, biscuits and pastries to cakes and a diverse range of drinks, Hong Kong caters to varied palates. Additionally, the sector encompasses the canning, preserving and processing of seafood, dairy products, edible oils and seasonings. Hong Kong’s distinct foods and condiments, such as soy sauce, oyster sauce and Chinese pastries, have not only gained popularity locally but are also making significant inroads into international markets. Responding to this global appetite, Hong Kong companies like Lee Kum Kee, Kee Wah Bakery, and Kampery are proactively expanding overseas. Noteworthy is the success of novel applications; for instance, soy milk has found favor as a milk substitute in drinks. International investments have also poured into Hong Kong’s culinary landscape. Japan’s Nissin stands out as a prime example, producing instant noodles in Tai Po Industrial Estate and leading the city’s instant noodles market. These global players continually launch localized products, seamlessly integrating into the local market. Major Hong Kong manufacturers have embraced a global outlook, establishing offices and factories in key markets. Lee Kum Kee boasts a presence on the mainland, in the US and Malaysia.

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