Изложения в Austria за Животни и домашни любимци

The Austrian animal agriculture industry boasts a unique makeup characterized by small-scale structures. The average farm spans 16.8 hectares of farmland, predominantly managed by families either as full-time or part-time undertakings. Notably, foreign labor is seldom employed. In 2000, only around 126,000 people were engaged in agriculture and animal farming. Setting Austria apart is its remarkable emphasis on organic farming with nearly 20,000 farms, constituting 8.4% of the farmland, adopting organic practices. With 61% of farmland designated as permanent grassland, milk and beef production emerge as the mainstays of Austrian animal agriculture. The dairy industry, while relatively modest, captures the production of a diverse range of products from fresh milk and cheeses to butter and milk powder. Both domestic consumption and exports of dairy products are on an upward trajectory, signaling potential shifts in the industry. However, with structural changes on the horizon, the Austrian dairy sector, and the animal industry at large, anticipates significant transformations in the coming years. Following the BSE crisis in 2000, domestic consumption of veal and beef in Austria rebounded to robust levels. Presently, a surplus of 12% of the production is directed toward exports. The year 2000 saw 621,000 registered dairy cows, marking a trend of gradual decline in the total cow population. However, structural adjustments have led to an increase in the number of cows per farm from 12 in 1990 to 22 in 2000. The evolving landscape reflects a shift from milking to suckler cows with specialized farms concentrating on intensive production in favored regions. Simultaneously, extensive farms, often situated in hilly or mountainous terrain, thrive as part-time or organic operations, maintaining a delicate balance between tradition and innovation in Austrian livestock farming.

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