Изложения в Austria за Енергийна ефективност

Energy efficiency has been a pillar of Austria’s energy strategy for the new millennium, especially within its industrial and commercial sectors. As these sectors account for over a third of the nation's energy consumption—28% in manufacturing and nearly 10% in services—enhancing efficiency is not only crucial for achieving climate neutrality but also for boosting corporate cost-efficiency. Since 1996, the energy intensity of Austrian industry has decreased by an impressive 27%. However, the potential for further improvements remains substantial within the energy efficient sector. Taking full advantage of digitalization, adopting new production methods, and increasing the interlinking of different energy system areas—known as sector coupling—are key strategies for realizing this potential. Sector integration, including the use of industrial waste heat, and influencing user behavior are also pivotal in this endeavor. Given the high energy consumption in manufacturing, the opportunities for savings are particularly significant, though commercial sectors like bakeries, gastronomy, craft businesses, and office buildings also present considerable potential. The Austrian Energy Agency is at the forefront of this transformation. Their mission, dubbed missionzero, aims to shape a climate-neutral future by constructing lifestyles and economic activities that no longer impact the climate. This involves harnessing new technologies, improving efficiency, and utilizing natural resources such as solar, water, wind, and forest energy. The goal is to secure a sustainable environment for future generations without relying on coal, oil, natural gas, or nuclear power. Over 100 experts from diverse disciplines at the Austrian Energy Agency provide scientific advice to decision makers in government, business, administration, and international organizations. They support the transformation of the energy system and the implementation of measures to address the climate crisis. On behalf of the Federal Government, the agency runs the climate protection initiative klimaaktiv, which includes all federal states, leading companies in the energy and transport sectors, interest groups, and scientific organizations.

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