Изложения в USA за Отопление

The US residential heating system industry has seen a dynamic growth over the last few years due to drastic temperature changes. Currently, the market reached USD 10.8 billion in 2022 and it’s expected to reach USD 13.97 billion by 2028. Technological innovation sits at the core of this dramatic growth as the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has finally found its way into heating products. These smarter systems, who have become fairly accessible for consumers at large, generate sales for their flexibility in meeting consumer needs. The integration of IoT technology is the defining trend reshaping the residential heating industry in the USA. The emphasis on connecting multiple sensors within building ecosystems, including heating pumps and geothermal heating systems, is gaining momentum due to the offsetting of costs associated with heating. This technological leap enhances both the functionality and sustainability of heating systems, which remains in step with the global shift towards eco-friendly practices. Escalating raw material prices, disruptions in the supply chain and the surge in oil prices triggered by the Russian-Ukraine conflict are also steering consumers towards energy-efficient products that will reduce heating costs in the long run. American end users are highly price sensitive and the promise of lower heating bills naturally appeal to them. This dramatic shift in consumer behavior only quickens the technological overhaul of the heating industry. In residential heating, heat pumps are emerging as a dominant player as they capture a significant share in the sales volume of heating equipment. The proliferation of dwelling units across the country is propelling the installation of heating equipment in residential buildings. For buildings prioritizing thermal comfort, heating systems are indispensable. These systems often constitute over 15% of the overall building equipment cost and significantly contribute to operational expenses.

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